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Motorized / passive

This allows for a smooth movement which helps with relaxing your muscles in the legs and the arms / upper extremities.

Motor-assisted / assistive

Even with minimal muscle strength and little to no effort or strain on the muscles, you can achieve an easy transition from passive to active training.

With own muscle strength / active – resistive

You are cycling against finely adjusted resistance levels. Ideal home cycling training for your cardiovascular system and your muscles.

Achieve the greatest training success with the combination of active and passive movement

The MOTOmed motor takes over the training for you automatically in the case of fatigue or insufficient muscle strength. The muscles are relaxed during passive movement while still improving the blood circulation and optimizing the flow of oxygen and nutrients in those muscles. After a few minutes of cycle training your revived muscles will be a motivating force to continue cycling actively. This allows you to participate longer in the therapy session which results in more success and better training results.

Big color screen and simple operation

All MOTOmed models can be started with the push of one button on the big and clear color screen (fig. 1). All functions which are necessary for an optimal and save training e.g. MovementProtector, SpasmControl and ServoCycling are activated automatically. Easy and individual operation for a daily training.

MotivationPrograms MOTOmax and TRAMPOLINEmax

The exciting MotivationPrograms MOTOmax and TRAMPOLINEmax (fig. 2) contribute to increased motivation and fun. Right-left side coordination and concentration are trained simultaneously in a playful way. Fun training due to physical and mental fitness.

Therapy programs

Every person and every indication is individual. The 13 special therapy programs allow for targeted support of the therapy progress: There is a choice of therapy programs suitable for different indications and therapy goals. We offer 13 standard programs that were all developed in accordance to aspects of sports sciences and physical therapy: standard program, MOTOmax, TRAMPOLINEmax, loosening program, strengthening and endurance, 4-Segment-Coordination-Program, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson, ortho, neuro and cardio program. Individualized and effective training.

Detailed biofeedback

Simple and clear view of the main training values (fig. 4). This enables the user to monitor the progress of the training and therefore to optimize the individual benefits. On all the MOTOmed models the most important training data can be displayed individually on single data screens (except for the MOTOmed viva2 light). Sustainable training with detailed feedback.

Post training feedback analysis

Up to 30 significant training results are automatically saved and displayed after the training (fig. 5): distance active/passive/total, duration active/passive/total, average active performance, peak performance, total energy, average active speed, numbers of spasms, muscle tone beginning/average/end, symmetry left/right, jumps for joy, champion points, stars, … The training becomes even more effective by means of analysis and documentation of training data with the MOTOmed sam2 Training Analysis Program (accessory). Optimized training due to detailed analysis.



While we do not have a printed or online catalog of products, we do offer a wide range of high-quality therapeutic modality products to meet your needs. Because Medicaid plans and benefits vary from state to state, not all products are available in all states. Please call our insurance specialists today toll-free at 1-800-479-5993, Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM CST, for a personal consultation.


The representative can tell you what products are available to you based upon your individual needs, what your doctor has prescribed, and your Medicaid plan. LEARN MORE

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