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Comfort and Confidence Delivered to Your Home

Whether you’ve just been told by your physician that you need to start using catheter supplies, or you’re an experienced catheter user who is looking for the latest products in catheters for males or catheters for females, Direct Medical Supply can answer all your questions and help you find the most effective product solution for your specific needs.  Our compassionate team just a phone call away for a free personal consultation.

Whether you are on Medicare, Medicaid, or another insurance, we will gladly verify your plan and let you know exactly what’s covered and what’s not. Then we’ll handle all the details — from contacting your doctor for a prescription, completing the complicated insurance forms, and shipping supplies discreetly to you. We’ll even remind you when it’s time to reorder, so you never run out of your urologic and catheter supplies.

Direct Medical Supply is here to improve your life.



A soft, sterile tube made of plastic, silicone or red rubber latex that is inserted into the bladder at periodic intervals to drain the urine then discarded. 


Popular brand names include: CURE Catheter, Apogee®, EasyCath®, Clean-Cath®, Personal catheter®, Self Cath®, Magic 3®, Cure Twist™


A sterile, intermittent catheter contained completely inside of plastic bag allowing insertion of the catheter into the body without touching and contaminating the device. Many closed system catheters feature an “introducer tip” which allows the catheter to bypass the first few millimeters of the urethra where the highest concentrations of bacteria are located. This product has been shown to help reduce urinary tract infections in several clinical studies.


Popular brand names include: CURE Catheter™, Easy Cath Kit®, FloCath Quick®, MMG®, HiSlip®, Touchless®, Apogee®, Advanced Plus®.


Hydrophilic catheters have a special coating that becomes extremely slippery when activated by water or saline. You do not need any additional lubricant when using a hydrophilic catheter. They are available with straight or Coude tips. There are also Close System Kits with Hydrophilic catheters.


Popular brand names include: Speedi Cath®, FloCath Quick®, SpeediCath Compact®, Hi-Slip Plus®, Hydrophilic Personal Catheter®.


Coude-tip catheter has a slight curve or bend in the insertion tip. Coude or curved tip catheter usage will make it easier for some men to thread the catheter past their prostate. Coude tip catheters are also good for anyone with narrowing of the urethra and that have any blockages in their urethral pathway.


Sometimes called “Texas” catheters, these devices resemble a condom and fit over the penis in the same manner. The urine drains out of the catheter into a tube which is connected to a drainage device such as a leg bag or bedside drain bag.


Popular brand names include: UltraFlex®, Pop-On, Wide Band® and Freedom Clear®, Conveen® Optima.


Used for continuous urine drainage, a Foley catheter remains in place inside the bladder. A small balloon in the tip is inflated after insertion to keep the end of the catheter from slipping out of the bladder. Urine flows from the bladder and collects in a drainage device such as a leg bag or bedside drain bag. Also known as Indwelling Catheters or Balloon Catheters.


While we do not have a printed or online catalog of products, we do offer a wide range of high-quality catheter products to meet your needs. Because Medicaid plans and benefits vary from state to state, not all products are available in all states. Please call our insurance specialists today toll-free at 1-800-479-5993, Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM CST, for a personal consultation.


The representative can tell you what products are available to you based upon your individual needs, what your doctor has prescribed, and your Medicaid plan. LEARN MORE

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